How To Write Perfect SEO Title Tags – 7 Powerful Tips

A good SEO is based on many criteria, among which I find the quality of meta Title tags and meta description that help you rank your website well.

Why are SEO Title Tags important?

As you known, meta Title tags in SEO corresponds to the title of your articles, visible in the search engine results.

By using the right terms and taking care of the structure of this short sentence, you can improve the traffic generated on your website and thus increase your ranking in the SERP.

So, are you ready to boost your SEO with perfect Title tags? Discover my 7 powerful tips right now.

1. Be consistent

Coherence occurs on several levels.

First, be consistent in your Title with the content of the page. You’re not gonna enter “How to train a cat?” in your tag if on all your web pages you are talking about dogs. =))

The example here is deliberately exaggerated, but you should understand that your Title must give clues to the subject.

You should also keep consistency across all of your Title tags .

For example, on an product review site, you should keep the same structure: [Product name] Review [Year] – [Brand name].

2. Be unique

Duplicate content is very bad for your SEO.

If you don’t want to be ignored by the search engines, make sure that each meta title tag on your site is unique.

By staying consistent as we saw earlier, you will have little chance of creating identical meta titles.

3. Use Numbers

Take the test yourself: when you are confronted with numerous search results, your gaze will automatically be attracted to the titles containing encrypted data. This is explained by the fact that our brain is trained to find elements that stand out.

There are several ways to use numbers in a Title tag:

  • In a list, for example: “5 tips to train your dog”.
  • With a statistic, for example: “how to reduce your energy consumption by 25%”
  • With a date, for example: “how to train a dog 2020”
Note: That dates are ideal for proving that your content is current.

4. Do not go too long or too short

When the question of the number of characters in a Title comes up, the answers differ: some will tell you 60 characters, others a maximum of 80…

Not easy to choose, especially since the size of the Title varies between desktop and mobile.

I found in page 2 of Google search. Will users click on these titles?

To start, don’t make it too short. For the home page of our platform, we could have contented ourselves with “Kevin Lewis Online”. But this title doesn’t say enough about our activity.

An effective Title must allow users and search engines to understand what is hidden behind and what they will find.

With “Digital Marketing, SEO, Linux Webserver Tutorial by Kevin Lewis Online”. We meet this objective.

No need to go too long to place a bunch of keywords. Ideally, your Title should be fully visible.

For all these reasons, we advise you to write titles between 60 and 70 characters.

5. Include a Key Phrase

Yes, your Title must contain the main keyword of your page, but you can go further by focusing on some key phrases.

In this way, you optimize your chances of appearing in the SERP for a greater number of searches, and especially for more precise queries bringing you more qualified traffic .


Avoid repeating your keyword or key phrases in your Title tags. All letters must have meaning and remain natural.

6. Use Action Verbs

Action verbs are often prompting. They make people click on the link because they know they can do something concrete.

So do not hesitate to use one of these words if it is suitable for your situation:

  • Buy
  • Find
  • Download
  • Listen
  • Watch
  • etc.

7. Choose The Question Format

The use of questions in your Title tags can arouse the curiosity of Internet users .

It is also ideal for ranking your keywords well during voice searches, during which users ask questions instead of entering a succession of keywords.

Finally, with this format, you have a chance to appear in the Google featured snippet “Other questions asked”. Finding yourself in this insert means gaining visibility and winning many clicks.

Final Thoughts

These 7 tips are simple to implement, so don’t wait to fix your Title tags. By following these tips, you will improve your SEO and increase traffic to your site.

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