Step-By-Step Guide On How to Use LSI Keywords Properly?

At a time when Google is trying to be more and more relevant to the results it provides to Internet users, it is essential to provide Webmasters with information on how to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords properly.

These LSI keywords are variants of the main keyword but also terms belonging to the same semantic field.

How do I create  LSI keywords List?

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By sprinkling them in your content, you optimize your SEO and therefore your chance to be seen by the target audience. However, these LSI keywords are not to be placed anywhere.

Here are my tips for using them properly:

Boost your SEO by placing your LSI keywords in the right places

Once you have established the list of your LSI keywords, it will be essential that they are present on your website.

But, like the main keyword, there are places where LSI keywords have more “value” than others. So, do not hesitate to use these in some strategic places that are:

  • Title of posts: It is undoubtedly it which has the most importance for a search engine. Also, if you can place LSI keywords in it naturally, it can only be beneficial.
  • Site URLs: Some web project developers make the mistake of not paying attention to the URLs of their page. However, this is an essential element that must be optimized in terms of SEO. Also, why not add one or two LSI keywords?
  • Meta description tags: Although the Google search engine no longer systematically displays the meta description in the results it provides, it still gives it great importance. It must be said that it is supposed to give an overview of what the user will find on the page. Again, placing a few LSI in the 156 characters allocated to you can be beneficial to your SEO.
  • The “ALT” tag of your images: Many people forget that Google robots also take images into account when scanning a page. Also, if the “ALT” tag of the main image of the article must include the main keyword, those of the other images on the page can, perhaps, include a LSI keyword. Be careful however that there is on the image, the keyword must have a minimum of relation with what is displayed.

My advice: Using SEO by Yoast plugin to optimize all of factors I mentioned above. (If you’re using WordPress CMS).

And in your content, where should I place my LSI keywords?

Those who know how classic SEO works will have no trouble setting up SEO in their content since the rules are much the same.

In other words, to sprinkle the variants of your main keyword, you must respect a few rules:

1. Include your LSI Keywords in your subtitles (H1, H2,H3…)

If you write articles and optimize them for the search engines, you must use sub-titles to classify and prioritize your information. Well, these subtitles can be used to place LSI keywords. If these are well chosen, this should help Google better understand what your content is about and therefore better reference it.

2. Set the context using them in the introduction

Google places more emphasis on the words in the first paragraph of your content. Also, this is where you have to play with the semantic field.

Google robots also place importance at the end of their exploration. A few LSI keywords in the conclusion can therefore promote your SEO.

3. Use your LSI keywords as anchor text

When this is relevant, you can use your keywords in the anchor texts used to link the different pages of your site. This will help Google understand what the landing page is about.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, in the world of the web, the choice of words used in your content is essential.

Therefore, take care to build a successful keyword strategy and you will see that your website will make a real leap forward in search engine results.

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